We started our site with a desire to offer one place animal lovers can go for information on anything related to Michigan Animal Rescues. We want to educate readers on where to go to adopt, how to adopt the right pet for their family and how to properly care for their new pet. 

We will post articles and links to provide information such as where and how they can volunteer and/or donate to local animal rescues.  New Michigan Animal Rescue wants to offer guidance on where animal lovers can get the best medical advice and what the safest and most economical products are for their pets. We want to provide information on animal abuse in Michigan and the proper steps to take to stop it.

We want to reinforce the need and importance for spaying and neutering of pets.    We will advertise local adoption events and fund-raisers in Michigan as well as current stories related to animal abuse as well as related legislation efforts.

It is important to New Michigan Animal Rescue to teach the next generation how to properly care for their pets so we can prevent further over population and euthanizing of wonderful adoptable animals.  Animals do not have a voice of their own like others in need and we want to be their voice and speak up for their rights to be treated humanely.